About Me


I have lived through many experiences good and bad. Heartbreak, walking the line, a life full of humor/fun times, tragedy and loss, grief, being a goof, wonderful friends and family, having crutches, abusing alcohol, travel, falling in love and so much more.  Everything my blog will be about.  My journey of how I got here and where I am headed.  I’ll post quotes, books and documentaries I love, people that inspire me and the insights I find in my day to days.  All of which has taught me to learn the language of my soul.

I’ve found my way back to it.  I trust the universe to guide me in the direction needed to continue evolving as a person.  What ever I encounter is meant to happen.  There are lessons in everything.  I needed to learn how to quite my mind to recognize and decipher the synchronocites and brick walls life was handing me.  Life left me these bread crumbs to lead me on the path to discover my voice…

I am ready to take a leap for truth….