What is all this talk about raising your vibration, and why would I want to do that?

So what is all this talk about raising your vibration, and why would I want to do that?

First of all, you need to understand that everything is made of energy, everything.  You, nature, the ocean, food, plants, the Earth, your dog Fido, and even something as seemingly insignificant as a soda can, has energy.

Energy, broken down, is a vibration, a frequency and wavelength.

Everything has it own unique frequency that it operates at. Structures such herbs, oils, crystals and stones have a more stable presence. Meaning that they do not fluctuate like humans do. We are constantly changing in vibration, but with in our divine blueprint is our signature frequency.

For instance, if an angel or loved one was trying to locate you, they wouldn’t find you by your name, they would locate you by your signature, your frequency and wavelength.

It is the nature of the entire Universe.

This is how we attract people into our lives, by the pull of their frequency.  It is how we navigate in this world every second of the day, but because we don’t physically see this kind of interaction, it is overlooked and disregarded, even though energy is the fabric of life, essentially the glue that holds everything together.

With in a human being, there resides many different energy centers and meridian points.  We are a swirling vortex of energy that we have the power to raise and lower.

When we are born we are more closely connected to our frequency in our divine blueprint.  But as time moves on we are subjected to life and different environments that tend to make us forget who we are, we forget our signature frequency.

We are all born uniquely different because of this signature and also the combination of our parents DNA. Some of us come in with a very high vibration, meaning we relate more to the higher dimensions, and because the world we live in is a much lower vibration, as we grow older, we start to feel out of place, or homesick because we are being pulled away from our natural intelligence and resonance.

So as a result we start to force our vibration to move at a lower speed, dimming our light.  You can see this happen in children. At one point they are beaming with life, curiosity, wonderment and expression, and slowly that sparkle goes away the more they conform to the environment around them. This is usually when you see kids start to act up, or go into a shell, because they are so confused on how to be.

The further away from the signature frequency we go, the more suffering and alienation one feels. This yo-yo of trying to manipulate our energy into something it is not designed to be will eventually start to haunt and eat at you, and you feel off.

Unfortunately, most of us have spent so many years lowering our vibration by covering up, hiding, reacting and numbing, that we have forgotten what home feels like, our divine signature and frequency.

But, there is good news!

Because just as you were able to lower your frequency, you can also raise it. And if you are in the awareness of how this all works at an energetic level, the impact that your intention and presence can make on your journey home is very powerful.

This is why understanding your miracle, your body and the way it interacts with the world on a energetic level can help you.  By paying attention to the resonance of your feelings you can learn your own unique way to raise your vibration by finding what lights you up and discerning what to let go of by what makes you feel shackled and dull. You begin to understand why you are drawn to certain things/people/situations, and why you are repelled by others.

All of this creates awareness, and the underlying tone of who you really are at soul level starts to sing it’s way through. By raising your vibration through unlearning all that you did to lower it to fit into a world that makes you fear your true essence, you start to see the world as it really is, as you remembered as a child, in wonderment and awe.

The world starts to have a different ring to it, you feel like you are being reborn in each step because parts of the world you couldn’t see at your lower state begin to reveal itself to you, and you realize that this world is nothing like you’ve been told it to be.

You have risen above the tree tops and see the world and yourself in an entirely different perspective, and then it dawns on you….

“this, this is exactly why you went through the growing pains of self discovery, because the view is so spectacular, and the only thing you want to do is share it with others, and by you sharing your story, maintaining your truth and vibration, you are creating a ripple in the fabric of life, sending out an energy broadcast for others to find their way home again too”

And THIS is exactly WHY you wanted to learn how to raise your vibration in the first place…

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-In Love and light,

Janelle Sjodin



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