When most people hear this word they think of a romantic type of commitment with a significant other.  While this commitment is valued and honored, I recently had an AHA of a different color.  A Commitment to an Idea.  And therefore, because that Idea came from the ethers of a Higher Power, I have found the two are linked and play an equally important role in the creation process.

We all know the eureka moments when something hits us like lightening.  An Idea that was seemingly lurking around in the sky, and then, it floated by YOU.. and it’s like the Idea had it’s own Eureka!  As if it had been waiting patiently all this time to find someone just like you, at the exact right time in your life, someone with all the perfect characteristics to create it into form.  So it shoots down from the sky and hits you smack dab in your soul.  BOOM!  An explosion occurs… and time stops… (Elizabeth Gilbert talks about this same experience in her book Big Magic, highly recommend reading it!)

This energetic combustion immediatey brings you to the present moment.  An intimate exchange if you will, the Idea reveals itself to you in the most vulnerable and powerful ways. It shows you it’s underbelly, it’s secrets and strengths linked to the capacity of it’s would be existence in the world.  It even gives you the coordinates necessary to guide you on the quest of bringing it to life.  It gives you it’s all… it’s Commitment to you

In this moment, the Idea appears so very real!  You can smell it, see it and feel it as if it already exists…..

This experience lights you on fire!  You are so filled up with joy, passion and excitement that you feel alive!  This is my favorite! You feel like you have a purpose in life, something meaningful to create in only a way that you could create it. That is, after all, why this Idea choose you in the first place!  No matter how bizarre this idea might be, it feels like you have to take action!  It is so real and deep that everything in your Soul is telling you YES YES YES!

But then, your phone rings, or someone honks their horn at you because you have been sitting at the stop sign in your car, staring off in space while it’s your turn to go (Yes, this happens to me all the time). Reality brings you back into your body in some way shape or form to the world we live in.  Immediatley your Idea gets nervous. It wonders if it’s impression will stick.  It now realizes that it does not have you in the arena where you believe anything is possible.  Now, all it has is hope.  Hope that you will continue to nurture and connect with it so it may continue to guide you into its creation…

This is where your Commitment comes into play..

It’s hoping you show your underbelly, your secret gifts and talents to the world….

It’s the only way this idea will be born.  Through the dedication to show your Truth by stepping out and get A -movin’! You must take action with this gift from above.  This is where part of my AHA comes in..

In oder to birth your eureka Idea that moves you at a Soul level, you have to Commit to it…

There is no, ‘Well when I have a spare moment I will work on that’, or ‘Well, people will not understand this idea’ or ‘they will think I’m weird’ kind of thinking.  You must push that shiz out of the way and Commit to birthing this baby. Literally as if you put this Idea in your womb… and incubate it, nurture it and allow it to grow and build with in you until its ready for life…

Until you announce to the Ethers, that you are absolutely committed 100%, the idea will start to dissipate, your ego will tear it apart due to your lack of connecting to the Higher Power that gave you this seed and you will mis-carry your idea.

I have found that until you take your Idea gifted from above seriously and create a plan to make time to get things rolling, it will never happen.  You can’t opt in to be in a ‘It’s complicated’ or the ‘I’m in a open relationship’ kind of Facebook status with the Universe.

It’s a Commitment

Are ya in or are ya out?  Depending on how deep this Idea resonates with you, it might stick around for your half foot in/half foot out relationship.  But it will get over that and move on eventually..

You have to Commit to showing up everyday and connecting to that something bigger than you that gave you the Idea in the first place.  It’s a I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of deal..

You have to Commit and go all in!  You must take the Leap… and Trust that your Idea from the Universe will guide you through all the way.  Leading you to lessons in life that you will need in your bag-o -tricks to fully birth your Idea baby.

It is a process, a journey, an unfolding.

The big AHA happened for me after the fact of Committing to my Idea and to the Universe.  When I proclaimed to Above that this Idea is one of the upmost important things in my life, that I will re-arrange my life, schedule, belief systems, relationships and whatever is in my capability in this moment to bring it into the world… a shift happened…

I now feel the momentum of the Universe behind me. Like a wind that has caught my sail in the vast intimidating ocean.  I feel supported and held… like I have my own Polly Pocket Cheerleader with me at all times!

I can hear my Idea’s voice, we are connected in a soulful way….

At first it was like Lightening to get my attention, but now its like a soft Melody that is always playing in the back ground.

It is so Beautiful…

I haven’t experienced it to this level before, it’s un-nameable…

Now I can understand that glow that I see in other people that are living out their Purpose.  It’s soft and yet so powerful.  Effective, potent and tangible yet etheric..

And it only happened after my decision to fully Commit

It’s like being in the eye of the storm where everything is clear…

I write this only in hopes to inspire that one person to take the Leap to the other side.. To dare to make your dreams come true.  For you were chosen to create the Idea into from for a reason.  Don’t pass on it.  GO ALL IN!


Transform your Idea into Reality…

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