Truth and Love…


This statement popped up in my head when I woke up this morning and I instantly grabbed my phone and started writing.

Why is it that Truth is regarded as cold and hard. And what about tough Love, what’s that all about. There isn’t anything tough about Love, and there isn’t anything cold and hard about Truth..

I can absolutely say that I believed these statements at one point in time. And I still find myself saying them in auto pilot mode, but I catch myself, because there is something that doesn’t add up. It’s as though Truth and Love’s voices have become so powerful and instrumental in my life that this morning they said “HEY! Wait a minute, that can’t be further from the reality of the nature of who we are! Don’t relate us with the words cold, hard and tough!! We are soft, warm, simple and constant! You have to write a blog about us and set this straight!” So here I am, writing for Truth and Love…

The question at hand is, how has Truth and Love become so skewed in our minds?

Have we built so many walls around our hearts where Truth and Love reside that infact it has become hard? Have those walls been built so that we can come off tough about love because that is easier for some f’d up reason?

If that’s the case, than yes, our HEARTS are ice cold with a touch of alligator skin.

BUT that’s NOT what Truth and Love are….

That’s what WE made the place they reside to be!

It’s a cop out to place that kind of weight on Truth and Love’s back!

It’s time to take responsibility for our own actions that created the prisons around our hearts…

Once we realize that, we can start to destruct the deceptions we’ve laid over them. We have to take down the walls.

We are the one’s that created the plaque that hardened our hearts from withholding self care and attention. If there is ANYTHING cold hard and tough about it, it is hitting the wall of this realization and falling flat on our faces!

After my own journey of opening my heart and exposing my truth I have found that Love and Truth’s softness lie steady underneath our fortress. Patiently waiting for us to acknowledge their innocence, strength and warmth.

They are pure and consistent with intention in how they show up in our lives. Just as the sun always rises and sets and the moon moves the oceans tides. Piercing with a soft intensity that can move you to tears of joy.

To be honest, Love and truth are so powerful there are no words to describe it!! What an ironic thing to find out after years of using cold, hard and tough, in context of what they represent. It couldn’t be farther from the truth!

It’s time we stop tainting and disrespecting this magnificent force that binds us all… Love and Truth want their voices to be heard!


By allowing ourselves to feel them. To allow their warmth to melt the layers of ice we’ve enslaved them with. It’s time to turn up the heat. It’s time to let Love and Truth’s true essence and meaning surface and have their time to shine.

Let their ever lasting presence been known, revealed, respected, honored and shared.

Let them be your Warm, Soft, Truth…


  1. Linda

    The phrases you are referring to are metaphors. As long as there is evil in the world “the cold hard truth” is that evil can distory lives, it became “our” grim reality when Dru was taken. “Tough love” is putting constraints on someone in order that they take responsibility for “their” actions (because they aren’t or haven’t) in order to help to ensure their personal welfare, safety & possibly others that are effected by their choices i.g., child running into the street without looking, an addict that keeps driving drunk, a criminal that is placed on parole , or imprisoned for their actions.
    Love you with my “whole heart”……….??.


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