If you are going to RISE, You might as well SHINE!

I’ve been drawn to the sun. I see it in entire different light.

It is source.

I am in awe of its beauty, and in that I realize I am made of the sun.

I am a beautiful Ray of light that shines on everything all around me and so is everyone else.

Every person that I see now is a beautiful shimmering Ray in their own uniqueness. There is not ONE person exempt from this.

Some simply have covered it up with lies, illusions and masks but they still have a light trying to shine through.

Instead of judging them I empathize with them. For I was once was one of those people too.

WE ALL have the aweness of the sun, moon and stars with in us.

We have the capability to create and manifest with this amazingness, for THE SUN is what provides us with existence and life.

Why would we be anything different than that???

I no longer see limitations, I see opportunities.

I want to PLAY with this new insight on the world. I am currently creating with thought,intention and feelings to see what I can do!

What a fun way to live, by creating my own symphony of life and opportunities.

I do not think I am incapable of doing this! I can and already have been. We all can! It’s how the world is created! By our thoughts tied in with emotion.

I’ve always wondered what sets us apart from nature and some species. I realized a long time ago it’s our ability to have thoughts/emotions/feelings/intentions and I pondered and pondered why??!!?

Why were we given these attributes???

There must be some reason for the bigger picture.

Now I know it’s so we are able to have experiences and through pondering about those experiences with feelings and intentions we create our future.

By contemplating we expand and grow and so does the world around us.

We are the artists of the world…


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