Today I have announced to the Universe that I am ready. I surrendered to my calling. From now on I will follow my intuition to guide me on my life’s purpose.

I am handing the reigns over to Grace.

I no longer will be holding back. I’ve done that my entire life amongst many other lifetimes.

Leading with my head and in protection mode no longer serves me. It can take a seat, it’s no longer my go to. It’s new job is to be an ally to guide me when I am falling of track from my purpose.

I know what it feels like to listen to my soul.

I will use that warm heartening feeling as my guide as to what doors to walk through and I’ll use the feeling of all the years of what holding back and playing it small feels like as a guide of what doors NOT to open.

All the years of holding back, playing it safe and hiding have done their part in aiding me in absolute truth of knowing what it feels like to ignore my calling and go down the wrong paths.

So if I start to even doubt myself I catch it before it becomes into a belief. I know the feeling of playing small and not speaking up so well that I can now say it is easy to recognize its presence. I physically can’t live in that realm any longer.

I realize that this was a part of the journey. I needed to live in hiding for as long as I had so that at this point in my life I can use it as a tool and smell it sneaking up on me a mile away. I need that in my bag of tricks to take me to the level that I know I am capable of so that I am able AND WILLING to call myself out when I feel like I want to hide and most importantly to be a light for others that are struggling with the same things.


I surrender to my calling and intuition. I trust that the Universe will guide me on the right paths to continue to learn, grow and EXPAND. If I do what lights me up I can not fail. For doing what I love and makes me happy is my purpose. All I have to do is show up and follow through. Let that FEELING of GRACE lead the way.

I am taking another Leap for Truth, I am being called to EXPAND. I am being called to be a leader, a healer, a writer, a Lightworker, an artist, a intuitive inner beauty specialist, a entrepreneur, a crystal and essential oil enthusiast.

I am being called to redefine the beauty industry that is built on external attributes that feeds off people’s insecurities. I am being led to help guide people from wanting to look like the models on magazines to remembering all that they already are. To remember all of their OWN uniqueness that is longing to be seen. I am being called to hold space to help bring out their own soul so they can shine baby shine…

As far as I can remember I’ve always had the gift of seeing people to the very core of their being. I can see their soul and all it’s beauty. I can see how desperately it wants to come out into the world and be recognized. I can see all their imperfect perfections as UNIQUENESS that should be celebrated and HONORED!!!

This gift has aided me and it has also been a major cause of heartache. Seeing people for who they are on a soul level is a special gift but until you learn to use it correctly it can get you into Co-dependency and in relationships that are one sided, you attract energy vampires that sense this gift and suck all that pure honestness and life from you for their own lack of self worth.

This happened because I was waiting for someone like myself to come around and tell me about all THEY could see. I wanted to be validated, I wanted to be seen because I didn’t believe in myself yet.

So I used the dependency of others on me as a way to feel needed and validated. I thought that one day they would wake up and give back to me all that I had been giving them…

NEWSFLASH… They never did.

I learned that lesson the hard way. I had to look within myself and realize I was attracting people, esp men that didn’t believe in themselves because I didn’t believe in myself either. I used them to hide behind. I was an energetic match for them but the hard part was that I was the only one giving. I was being all used up and I let it happen because that was how I felt needed and validated. I used this as a way to hide and dim my light due to the insatiable fear of being seen.

But eventually my soul would show up and shine it’s light because no matter how hard I tried to mask it, its light was stronger than the power I had to hide it and it scared the be geezus out of them, and to be honest it scared me too.


Deep down my soul knew what was going on and never let that game go the full innings. I thank GOD that it didn’t and my soul sent them running. I was never meant to be with them. They were lessons to be learned and I am grateful for them…

Since going into what is often times called “the dark night of the soul” in spiritual awakenings I realized that in order to properly utilize this gift of seeing people’s soul I had to dance with my own.

I had to find my worth and how to use my gift for the greater good. The only way to do it was to face my own insecurities and fears and name them so they lost their power.

I had to learn to set boundaries, recognize the energy vampires and realize that there is nothing I can do for them in that state of mind.

Giving and giving and giving in hopes of them seeing their truth and potential and then in turn seeing mine does not work.

Energy vampires are the kind of person that will need to hit rock bottom in order to make any changes in their life and I was not doing them any service by enabling them by playing their game and keeping myself from shining my light.

Since detaching from these people and finding my own worth by submersing myself in the dark night of the soul, my gift of seeing people to the core has amplified and become extremely clear.

It is my calling and just one of the many gifts I have to share with this world, for the right people that is.

For the people that are wanting to be seen and wanting to take a leap for THEIR truth.


These are the people I am called to help. And not by giving them all my energy but by holding space for them and shining my light. By being a support for them while they are on their journey to truth.

It is their job to crack themselves open. I will simply aide them by giving them some of the the tools I know of from my journey in order to do so.


I am a light in this world that will help people REMEMBER all that they always have been…

I am here to help inspire people to take their own Leaps for Truth

I am here to listen to my soul and be of service to this world for the greater good

I AM A LIGHTWORKER that is here to EXPAND all with in me and all around me….

Here is for my NEXT Leap for Truth….

The one that is currently in progress and LIGHTS EVERY LITTLE SPARKLE OF BEING WITH IN ME UP!

That’s how I know it’s the right path regardless the outcome.

Stay tuned for more as I am being called to share this next Leap towards Truth for those people on similar paths and that want to live with their soul….


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