I want to do that, I’ll learn by DOING it..

I am changing my perception from “I’m not ready to do that” to, “I want to do that, I’ll learn by DOING it”

Looking at it this way takes away all my fears and limitations.

Thanks to my client for posting this quote, it's the inspiration for this blog..
Thanks to my client for posting this quote, it’s the inspiration for this blog..

I’ve always been a dreamer. Ideas and inspiration are not the problem for me, that comes naturally…

What has been the problem is the little goblin in my head that tells me I’m not ready yet, or what if you fail, what will people think, I’m not capable or qualified to do that. I need to prepare and and be perfect before I enter the ring….

I put limits on my talents and gifts instead of believing in them.

I had so many thoughts about the what if this happens or what if that happens I became overwhelmed and paralyzed.

Therefore all those dreams and inspirations would stay somewhere over the rainbow and never come to fruition.

I’d make excuses that I didn’t have enough time because so and so needed me, or so and so had some event or what ever…

Hmmmm, how convenient my little goblin made it for me to stay so busy that I didn’t have time to do any of those things that inspired me…

It wasn’t MY FAULT.. I mean I just knew to many people and I had no choice…

Well I call bullshit!!!!

All of those excuses I created because I didn’t believe in myself.

It all started there.

I had to step back and take some time to pin point that.

To my benefit exhaustion made me make the time to sit with myself and ponder why.

Now, after naming my fears, experiencing what those felt like and how they show up in my life I see everything differently.

I realize that feelings are my friend! Fear no longer is something that paralyzes me. Instead I use it as a tool, it’s my ally.

What I’ve come to find is that TRUTH is right on the other side of fear. I had to look through and past it in order to find that out.

It’s like looking into a mirror, what you see immediately you take for face value….

But if you look again you see it’s actually flipped, it’s reversed.

When we don’t take the time to FACE our fears we don’t notice the reversed messages the Universe is trying to tell us!

It’s ALL about perception and taking the time to explore and find what’s looking right at you!

It’s right on the other side of fear!!!

So if you look in the mirror and see fear in the form of “I’d like to do that but I’m not ready yet”…

Take a step back, look at it differently. There is a truth laying with in it!



You are only a step away from TRUTH!!!

Stay there and examine it!! If you look deep and REVERSE that message it actually says…

“I WANT to do that, and I’ll LEARN by doing it!”

Looking at it in reverse takes away all of those what if’s and limits because you are simply moving forward for the experience to learn. That’s it!

So I challenge you to look into your fears!!! Find that message of truth right on the other side of it.

Reverse the fear to find out what that FEELS like.

You may need to look at it in different angles or adjust your lens to get the clear message but don’t give up! You WILL find it and it WILL change your life.

For once you have this tool in your pocket you can take it everywhere.

It’s the skeleton key that unlocks every door…

But here is the other part,

You still have to walk through the door…

That’s where life experience lives…

Thanks to my client for posting this quote, it's the inspiration for this blog..
Thanks to my client for posting this quote, it’s the inspiration for this blog..

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