“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Wow, it is amazing what can happen when you set your mind to it. I feel as though I have just landed from a trip in another world. It’s as if I was sucked up by a tornado (that in hindsight I realize I asked for) and thrown into a different realm for 8 months. You might as well call me Dorothy….

You see I feel like was living a life in black and white most my life. I just knew something wasn’t right. I knew there was something more out there. I’ve spent countless hours daydreaming about it. That was my go to place when I felt I couldn’t relate to this world. I’d go somewhere over the rainbow….

I know many people might understand this about me, when I’d look lost or in la la land or off in my own little world. I was like Dorothy, dreaming of a land way up high. I was physically here in this world but my soul never felt a part of it. A constant Yo Yo of trying to survive in the day to days but remembering this feeling of the place over the rainbow that kept me from being present in this world.

Like Dorothy, I thought if blue birds could fly over the rainbow then why, oh why can’t I???

It was an exhausting way to live..

A constant up and down of highs and lows. Believing that there was something telling me I could live in that far away world, or more like remembering I could. I yearned for it, and the older I got, the more life experiences I had…and in result the closer the rainbow became to me.

It came to a point where my options were to either take the Blue or Red pill like Neo from the movie Matrix.


Well, I took the red pill…cue in the tornado…

The minute I decided to take the “Red Pill” or to fly over the rainbow to see what’s on the others side, a huge tornado sucked me up.

In that tornado it showed me what my fears are and to what I need to over come them. I was spinning and spinning, not sure of where I was or where I would end up. All I knew is that there was no turning back. Then all of a sudden I landed…and when I walked out it was a land of color… Just like I’d imagined it to be.

I could tell I was somewhere new, but yet oddly familiar.

Once I got my bearings I realized I landed on one of my fears, (the witch of the East) and killed her. That witch represented conquering my fear to surrender to the tornado which sucked me up and out of my comfort zone. I had to kill it in order to further on my journey. I had one witch down but one more very powerful Witch of fear that was exposing my soul, shining my light and owning my power(Wicked Witch of the West) to go…

In order to conquer the wicked old witch I needed experience from a journey in this new land to be able to face her. I was given Ruby Red Slippers (which represents my own personal power) to go down the path of the Yellow Brick Road to find the wizard of Oz that will tell me how to destroy my other fears. Glinda said in Dorothy’s farewell to her journey…”Remember, never let those ruby slippers off your feet for a moment, or you will forever be at the mercy of the Wicked Witch…” (Meaning if I surrendered my power to my fears it will always control my life..)


I was sent off with love and support from the town I landed and it made me think “I got this, how bad could this all be, I mean look at how beautiful it is here!” My naiveness aided me, for if I had known what the journey looked like I might never of left Munchkin land…

The journey is the most important piece. Along the yellow brick road I discovered parts of myself I didn’t know existed. I met wonderful friends and allies that wanted to support me and were on similar journeys of their own. Together we found our inner strengths and brought them to surface.

What you might not see in yourself others can. That kind of support gave me the confidence to believe and allow those parts of me to come to life. It’s not that I never had them, I just simply forgot. Surrounding myself with like minded people helped me REMEMBER my soul and my gifts. Combining our gifts together helped get us to OZ. Even after numerous encounters with the wicked witch.

When arriving to meet with the Great and Powerful Oz, I was told that in order to defeat the wicked witch all I was to do was to throw water on her. Which seemed like a simple task, but the hardest part was that she knew all my fears and weaknesses.

She tested them, she set those triggers off. She tested all that new found confidence learned from the yellow brick road. I questioned my new found power. I was terrified the whole way. For I knew if actually conquered her, I will not have any reasons to hide any longer. I will be thrust into shining my light. Ignorance will no longer be bliss.

I knew there was no turning back, so off I went and I tossed that water on that old crusty witch bitch. I got her broom stick and brought it to the Wizard expecting to be rewarded for my achievements. I thought my ride of awakening was over, but I was wrong.

Along my journey I learned this place over the rainbow was beautiful, just as I had imagined but even here something was missing. It was home. Oz was only a place to be at temporarily, it’s a place to REMEMBER all that I always was.

I knew that after conquering my fears the bigger picture was to go home.. I was to tell my loved ones and the world about my journey and all that I had learned. I knew I HAD to share all this knowledge of growth to help paint the black and white way of life with COLOR!

But in order to do that, I had to figure out how to get home.

I relied on the Wizard to do this, but I found out that he too is just an ordinary person with his own fears. He is no all and mighty God, he is human just like me.

I learned you can not hand your power over to ANYONE, not even someone that seems to have all the answers. We are all the same. We each have our own unique fears about our powers to overcome. All the answers to our own life lie with in each of us.


Someone can plant seeds in you and guide you in a general direction like Glinda did. But it’s up to you to take the first step in surrendering to the tornado, to taking the first step on the yellow brick road of experience, to go on the voyage to destroy your fears and pull the bull by it’s horns.

It’s up to you to take the first step in the journey of realizing that home is what you make of it. There is no other way. It has been sitting right in your backyard the entire time but you have to go on a trip away from it to find that out.

Like Glinda said to Dorothy “If I would of told you had the power to go back to Kansas you wouldn’t of believed me, you had to learn it for yourself..”


The journey is essential in order to understand that. It’s how I found my power. I feel that I just clicked my heels 3 times and landed from the tornado that took me Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I now see the world in color instead of black and white. I see everything for what it is. Clarity and Heaven on Earth is what comes to mind.

The journey is still on going, as I have come to find it always will be. But now I have the grounding necessary to make some traction with this new sense of self. I am not torn between trying to exisit in two separate worlds. I’ve learned to meld them together.


I know with all my being that I am here to share this knowledge. I now BELIEVE and KNOW I have the power to do so. I just had to go on the journey to Oz like Dorothy to find that out…


  1. Tami

    Thank you for taking us on your journey, we can all learn from others sharing their journeys paths. Never stop searching for your hearts desires they are ever changing, making our journeys full of adventures, good and even sometimes bad but always worth the risk of finding them.

  2. Karen Karbo

    Such wisdom and self-empowerment, Janelle! And such an open invitation to build a community of like-minded seekers “right in your own back yard.”

    To infinite possibilities,


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